Think like Nike — Just Do It

I am ambitious. I see myself doing great things in life. However, one thing I will never try to do is change the world.

I love the world, and what it has to offer. Granted, my circumstances are most easily described as blessed — and that has definitely influenced my outlook. But when I forget about myself for a minute, and think of how the world would be without us, it seems wonderful. Not perfect, but wonderful.

Our world has it figured out. It has been around much longer than we have. From seas to summits there is balance — beauty and crudeness, happiness and sadness. Without us being part of the picture, everything seems to make sense. Here is the thing though; we are as much a part of it as it is apart of us. It is our job to discover ways to maintain the balance.

The world isn’t perfect. There is definitely room for improvement. But there is no need to change it — something that is so wonderful as it is. To try doing so would truly be foolish. So instead of attempting to change the world, just focus on how you can make life on it just a little bit more enjoyable.

How do you make life more enjoyable? That is for yourself, as well as others. People have been able to enhance life through teaching, writing, inventing, art, and many ways. But there is a constant that can be seen in the story of anyone who made life a little bit better; they all truly loved what they were doing.

It is difficult to tell someone, “Follow your dreams”. Those words have become so cliché we give them as much consideration as a motivational greeting card. However, when any honest life advice is boiled down, regardless of how cleverly it might be worded, the message that is left is usually, “Follow your dreams”.

But I won’t tell you that. Instead, I will try to cleverly reword it. I’ll tell you to pursue the ideas that make you itch. To not chase money, but passions. To find the thing you love to do and live a fulfilling life doing it, because that is how you make the world just a little bit better.

It is those types of people. The ones who wholly love the lives they are living in. It is they who inspire, create, and better the world around them — and only them. For no matter how much money or fame you acquire or desire, none of it will make the world a better place to live. Only loving and sharing the work you do and passions you pursue can do that.

Whether your contribution is literature, science, art, or service doesn’t matter — as long as you are excited to wake up in the morning and do it. So forget about trying to change the world, it is exactly as it needs to be. Do start thinking, though, of how you are going to make life on it just a little bit better.